Do Conservatives Hate Change?


This image was circulating around Facebook by a group called “Americans Against the Tea Party” with a criticism that Conservatives hate change.

Undoubtedly for some this is true. There really are people out there who fear change, but they come from all walks of life and political orientations. Some of the most liberal professors I’ve ever known couldn’t handle the most minor change.

I would offer a counter argument. Many conservatives hate ungrounded change. Let us consider a kite. A kite flies freely in the wind, but is anchored to the ground by the person holding it. It can soar freely, but is always grounded by reality.

Rapid change, fast change, rarely works. It usually doesn’t stick. Look at Egypt. Freedom came from the dictator Hosni Mubarak; only to be removed by the military. Look at the many countries that undergo coup’s, military overthrows, rewrite constitutions every 10 years. That change can’t be good.

We have great freedom to change our country; but we have an anchor in our founding documents. Our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution and Bill of Rights, these documents provide the anchor for change to soar.

What do you think? Do Conservatives hate change? Or do they hate unanchored change?

How corrupt is your state?

A new link came in today to a report on state politics and corruption potential. (

The report is something people should read. It really paints a good picture; and one that is a common theme here. It’s foolish to believe just because you disagree with the other party, your party walks on water.

Liberal States and Conservative States both got failing grades. If you don’t live in 1 of the 5 states that passed; you should be demanding accountability.

If you do live in one of those 5, keep demanding accountability.

The War on Birth Control

It seems that some in the Republican party have decided to declare war on birth control. (Story) I feel like I am watching Custer and Little Big Horn. A party that by most accounts has the potential to defeat Obama in 2012 and they are effectively throwing it away. They are like addicts it seems, no matter how hard they try to frame an election about economics they always fall back to the abortion, birth control and gay marriage.

Now I will say I totally respect the opinion of the Catholic church, and it is wrong to force people who’s faith prevents them from using birth control to pay for it. That’s their absolute religious belief and I have no issues with it, but your right doesn’t extend into my rights.

If I believe that birth control is ok to use, that is my absolute right to use it. Nothing gives you the right to take it away from me. Nothing gives me the right to force you to buy it.

Now that’s where it gets interesting. It’s very clear cut in the case of an organization like the Catholic church which is clearly against Birth control. But what about a corporation? I would propose a litmus test. If the organization is clearly religious, to me it’s reasonable to believe they would be able to qualify as an exemption. If an organization has no clear religious identity, they should be required to cover it.

And firing someone for it? That clearly goes to far. The only acceptable reason to fire someone for medication is if it was taken recklessly and impacted their job performance.



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